About Us

Our story

We created Alchemy Haūs of Hair for the people who make living this beautiful life possible, our clients. To have a place where we could come together to nurture and support each other, and grow as people and artists and community. Here you will find the aesthetic, energy and craft all working together to offer an experience, a reprieve from the world around us and all that comes with it.

To do this art every day is a dream, its our tribe who make it possible. Thats something we never forget.

Alchemy was born out of love and family and friendship. It all began with two soul sisters who set the tone for what True friendship could be. Julie and Alli’s mom Amanda met in their early teens and quickly became family. The universe has a funny way of giving us exactly what we need. The two, along with their dear friend (and Alli’s godmother) Sandy, created a tribe of incredible women who uplifted, loved and inspired each other, and later, Alli.

The soul sisters spent several years in their teens living with Julie’s mom Janice, who is a hairdresser, and there began the love of hair! Julie and Sandy pursued a career in hairdressing right away and though Amanda loved the art of hair and was doing everyones hair for fun, decided to pursue a degree in Fine Art from UCSC and then later a Masters in Psychology from JFK. Amanda means Love, and Love she was. Her motto was, “Love is the only answer.” Anyone who knew her was never the same. She had a way of making you feel Seen and safe and Loved. Saying she was fun is an understatement, she was a goofball, a crackup, a kid at heart, an incredibly old soul, a Vixen. She had a way of making everyone fall in love with her, she made you want to better. She was the best person we have ever known and it is in her honor we created this space. It is her legacy of Love that pushes us higher, further, to be better artists, to be better Humans. We are so grateful we got to know her, and so grateful that because of her, we got to know each other.

The love of hair never left Amanda. She dabbled and created on anyone who would let her, namely Alli, who grew up getting fun cuts and colors in the back yard from a young age. Julie was Amanda’s hairdresser and Alli would tag along to those precious sessions in the salon any chance she got. One fateful day after doing Amanda’s hair, Julie’s following client no showed, and Alli using her allowance money, got her very first professional haircut. She was 7, and she was hooked. Julie has done Alli’s hair ever since, and those precious salon sessions with Julie became the inspiration for her obsession with the transformative power and electric change of the salon. She got her license the moment she was able and came to work with  Julie at her then salon. Literally a dream come true.

After nearly a decade of working side by side, Julie and Alli decided to follow their dream of creating a space that nurtured and fueled their creative fire, that looked as good as it felt, and most of all, offered a loving, safe and supportive oasis for the community we are so honored to serve. Its because of our tribe we get to do what we love everyday, we are so grateful. We truly believe in having an artists soul and a servants heart, and that Love is the greatest form of Alchemy.

Welcome to our Haūs of Hair

“When we Love, we always strive to be better than we are.
When we strive to be better than we are,
everything around us becomes better too.”
– The Alchemist